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Editors' Forum | What is your wish list for Clarendon for 2017?

Published:Monday | January 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Dei Rasi Freckleton
Christine Russell-Lewin
SSP Vendolyn Cameron-Powell
Vinroy Harrison
Tyrone Lecky
Winston Maragh
Carla Watt

Dei Rasi Freckleton, founder, Youth For Change

Crime in and of itself is very difficult to be eradicated, but it can be controlled, and so I'd love to see a holistic approach where the entire community and all the stakeholders are brought in, consultative dialogue and a collaborative effort, to work at solving the problem.

Christine Russell-Lewin,

guidance counsellor,

Effortville Primary School

I want the authorities to find the unattached youth who have left school and are not doing anything, because those are the ones who get caught up and are used in wrong doings.

SSP Vendolyn Cameron-Powell,

commanding officer

I wish to see the crime rate lowered. We are trending down nicely, and we want other stakeholders to come on board to assist in the process, because it's not just a policing thing. Police, by ourselves, can do so much and no more, so we need the stakeholders to join the chain and come and assist those who are already working to keep the monster of crime and violence as low as possible.

Vinroy Harrison, principal, Central High School

With the intervention of all the stakeholders, I'm expecting to see a reduction for 2017.

Tyrone Lecky, dean of discipline, Central High School

I want Clarendon to be a safe parish where people can conduct business and live harmoniously.

Winston Maragh,

mayor of May Pen

I'd love to see a reduction in the crime. It might not go to zero like August Town, but for this year, I'd love to see it cut in half.

Carla Watt, councillor,

Canaan Heights division

For Clarendon, I'd like to see the crime-prone communities come together and work with the police for a better Clarendon, and Jamaica as a whole. We don't make guns, we don't make shots [bullets], so let's protect the airspace and the seacoast.