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Steve Lyston | Revolution needed in the global health sector

Published:Monday | January 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Greed has seeped into the health sector
Are our people being educated on nutritional facts vs. ingredients, and what to look at when purchasing a product? For example, sucrose, dextrose and sugar are all SUGAR.
Even in Revelation God clearly outlines that the plants are for the healing of the nation – the herbs and even the water.

The health sector, which is comprised of the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, has now become the number one modern vampire. Gone are the days when all our doctors would put the health of their patients first. Today, while some still do, many don't, and frankly, money talks or you're dead!

Oftentimes, even before patients are discharged, they are getting phone calls from the hospital about the payments. It's all about the money. Greed has seeped into the health sector.

The Caribbean should in no way allow international influence to dictate health policies of their nation; and that is why the local leadership must take advantage and capitalise on it and be different. The health sector has become a set of legalised scammers.

The insurance companies increase their policy prices and when they ought to be giving the people the best quality medication, they introduce and promote generic drugs, and that is slowly harming the people. Further to that, if you miss a payment, they cancel your policy and try to fight you out of your claim.




Many people are dying and there are many questions you need to ask. Each individual is responsible for his or her health and we need to be wiser now.

- Why is it that the older generation, who didn't have the equipment and technology we now have, did not have some of the problems or illnesses that exist today?

- Is modern technology helping us or destroying us? Phones, cell sites, computers - are they affecting us?

- Why do so many of our products contain so much sugar?

- Are our people being educated on nutritional facts versus ingredients, and what to look at when purchasing a product? For example, sucrose, dextrose and sugar are all SUGAR.

- Why is health care so expensive?

- Are these inferior foods causing more problems?

- Are our medications helping us or causing greater damage to our bodies?

- It's all about pushing the medication, not curing the people.

- Where is the focus of the health sector today? Why is there such a fight and why so many regulations against natural products and the natural way of healing?




The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. God dwells in our temples and He wants us to be healed and made whole. There are certain things we have to take by force if we are to have good health. God created everything to sustain man. He even outlined, in the garden of Eden, the things that we should eat versus what we should not. (Genesis 1: 29-30; Genesis 9: 3; Psalms 104: 14; Psalm 136: 25; Hosea 2:8; Genesis 2: 15; Genesis 6: 21)

Even in Revelation, God clearly outlines that the plants are for the healing of the nation - the herbs and even the water. This is why I have been warning Third World countries that what they have is greater than gold; and most countries that have been investing in divesting the land in the region, this is what they are after - the natural resources.

If we are going to talk about economic development, then we should have a plan - especially Jamaica, with so many natural resources. We should not have a job problem. Wherever problems lie, that is the area where the greatest solutions can be found, and our leaders need to wise up and wake up.




God created man from the ground, surrounded by water. This gives us a clue as to what we need to take into our bodies in order to sustain us and our physical health. We need to get back to basics. For example, we need to go back to natural fertilisers, not the chemicals that are slowly destroying our bodies. How about the pollution of our oceans? Is our marine life safe from pollution? How do these things affect our health? How is the process of rearing poultry affected by our technological advances?

It is the duty of every individual to begin to educate himself or herself about what we are to consume on a daily basis?

Entire generations are slowly dying as a result of the current system of operations globally for the health sector and urgent change is needed. We have the Internet to our advantage to make our own checks and then ask the questions we need answered so that we can make good choices for the sake of our health.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.