Sun | Mar 18, 2018

Oversight Committee reviews structural benchmark for public sector transformation

Published:Friday | January 20, 2017 | 3:36 PM

The Co-chair of The Public Sector Transformation Oversight Committee (P-STOC), Danny Roberts has promised a high level of engagement with public sector employees as part of the government's public sector transformation process.

The government is undertaking public sector transformation to make the sector more efficient and to reduce the wage bill.

P-STOC had its first meeting for this year on Wednesday where it reviewed the progress of the Government in implementing the structural benchmarks and other commitments agreed under the Memorandum of Economic and Financial Polices.

That Memorandum is under the Government’s three-year Precautionary Stand-By Arrangement with the IMF. 

The Committee said public sector transformation will help to achieve the delivery of better service; effect cost efficiencies and provide more public resources for growth-enhancing spending in the areas of infrastructure and security-related matters, and expansion of social protection.