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Drown out the voice of society and seek the Lord – Danielle Whitehead

Published:Saturday | January 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Daniells Whitehead - she believes it is one’s own reluctance that acts as hindrances in their lives.

"Let me start by saying, growing up in church doesn't make you a follower of Christ," said Danielle Whitehead, a 28-year-old woman from Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States, who was happy to share with Family and Religion how she was transformed from a life of sin by God's grace.

"I would go to church every Sunday - sometimes Bible class - but I lived a destructive lifestyle: smoking, drinking, lying, stealing, sex with the same sex, selling drugs, partying, cursing, and fighting. I was involved with everything contrary to the Word of God at one point in my life," she said.

Whitehead remembered her first encounter with God as a moment filled with repentance, one which changed her entire attitude towards life and religion.

"My heart was truly sorrowful because at that moment, I had experienced a love I took for granted my whole life. I experienced the power of God like never before. I inhabited the freedom Christ died for us to have. My desires didn't instantly dissolve, but the chains did. Instead of the religious outlook I had on being a Christian, my whole life - where I couldn't do this and I shouldn't do that - my heart was changed into 'I don't have to do this and I don't want to do that'," she said, adding that a relationship built on reverence for the Lord overpowered her will to live like she wanted instead of how God intended.

Though she admitted that she has always been a believer of the Christian faith, Whitehead said she was given clear direction for her life, goals, and peace the day she decided to live which reflected her Christian beliefs.

According to her: "I left my home, family, friends, my company, and state of residence and moved to Orlando, Florida, to attend Full Sail University. I graduated college, became a licensed minister, and I'm now an ordained elder of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I teach, speak, and sing, all for the glory of God and His righteousness. I'm engaged to a man who is committed to loving me like Jesus loves the church."


Sharing her expert views as a woman who was once a part of a same-sex relationship, Whitehead pointed out that there is no such thing as a sexuality barrier. Instead, she believes it is one's own reluctance that acts as hindrances in their lives.

She said: "People are so infatuated with every kind of relationship except the most beneficial one, which is with Christ. So reluctant to step out of their comfort zone and on to faith. I hear this phrase 'well, what am I going to do? I don't like boys or I don't like girls'. It's that same phrase that keeps so many bound and confused about their purpose and true identity in Christ. When you make the decision to leave a lifestyle of sin and live for Christ, your relationship with Him should be your number one priority. Accepting Christ and being born again converts you into a new creature, reading and studying the Word of God transforms your character, and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit gives you power to overcome the world as Christ did. The more you indulge yourself with the Word of God, then whatever is righteous will become attractive."