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Giving back the 'Wright' way

Published:Saturday | January 21, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
The Wright and Williams Family along with friends during their outreach project.

Grey Ground, Manchester:

It is said that happiness doesn't result from what is received, but from what is given. For approximately seven years, the Wright and Williams families, along with friends, have experienced sheer happiness from spending the first day of each new year with the residents of the Manchester Infirmary.

From providing the items and cooking all the meals for the day, to grooming hair, and socialising with the residents, this group has given these individuals something else to be grateful for.

Nadine Wright, who spearheads the outreach programme, said it is not as a result of having too much, but it is as a result of the values her mother left with her regarding helping the less fortunate.

"My mother would always give back, especially to the elderly and to the children and those who couldn't help themselves. We weren't rich and were not really receivers of grand gifts, but giving was something that always had to be done by us."




Wright, who wants to set her outreach programme on a larger scale, told Family and Religion that it would be easier if everyone gave back.

"Giving is so simple; it is not hard because you don't have to give money or even kind. Giving from your heart can mean an encouraging word. Sometimes people are struggling a lot and they would really appreciate even the smallest of gifts. I hope this initiative that we do yearly at the infirmary will be something that we can take to other homes or other facilities."

It is for this reason that she has ensured her children play an active role in the initiative, as well as other outreach projects of their own.

"It's a day that I spend with friends and family and, most important, it is a day when I give back. The feeling you get at the end of the day, realising that everybody enjoyed themselves ... it just makes you want to do more," said Wright's daughter, Janiel Williams

Wright's sister-in-law, Carol Williams-Soares, says giving back has been a long-time tradition for the family and one that will continue for years to come.

"My mother always instilled that in me the spirit of giving. I grew up seeing her chartering cars to pick up items from all over to distribute to people. She would also travel with items to be given away each time she came back from her trip to Kingston. It is something we grew up doing and it is something we will continue to do."