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House approves legislation for CMI to be upgraded to university

Published:Tuesday | January 24, 2017 | 9:19 PM
Students of the Caribbean Maritime Institute leaving the institution after classes - File photo

The Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) is one step closer to becoming a university after the House of Representatives this evening approved legislation to facilitate the upgrade.

The legislation will now go to the Senate for debate and approval.

Today, several members of the Lower House said the move has long been coming for the only accredited maritime training institution in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Transport Minister Mike Henry said the upgrade will help the CMI, to be known as the Caribbean Maritime University, meet local and regional demands for engineer and other professional shipping and seafaring skills and services.

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IN PHOTO: Mike Henry

He also pointed out that the CMI will help to push Jamaica's logistics hub initiative.

Opposition member Anthony Hylton who led the often mocked logistics hub push in the previous administration, noted that talk of 'death' of the project is "exaggerated".

Phillip Paulwell, the opposition MP for Kingston Eastern and Port Royal where the CMI is based, said the institution must use the new status to deepen its maritime research and not follow other tertiary institutions that have gone beyond their mandate.

IN PHOTO: Phillip Paulwell

A recent survey has said eight out of every 10 CMI graduates gain employment shortly after completing their studies.

In 2016, an auditor general report raised concern about the expansion of the CMI without the necessary resources and said it was breaching established guidelines.

The findings, however, were rejected by Dr Fritz Pinnock, the head of the institute.