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Green light for Hydel University College - Local and international bodies approve accreditation

Published:Sunday | January 29, 2017 | 12:00 AM
In this 2009 photo, then Prime Minister Bruce Golding (left) and wife, Lorna (centre), joined president and founder Hyacinth Bennett at the official opening of the Hydel University College. In the background is then education minister, now prime minister Andrew Holness.

The St Catherine-based Hydel University College is reporting success in its efforts to have its current programme accredited by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ).

Hydel administrators have also reported that the United States-based international accrediting body, Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC), has awarded it International Institutional accreditation.

ASIC, which is approved by the United Kingdom government, is a member of the British Quality Foundation as well as the International Quality Body.

"The Hydel University College has emerged from an excruciatingly grievous eight-year tortuous journey," declared its founder and president, Hyacinth Bennett,

"Given the ASIC accreditation, as well as the accreditation of our current offerings by UCJ, the Hydel University College will certainly not be a mere pretty Polly, simply adding charm to the education landscape. Instead, it is now positioned to claim its sense of a history of solid contribution to the field of education and training and, of course, nation building," added Bennett.

According to Bennett, given the fact that the Hydel University College's programmes are accredited by the UCJ, its graduates, with immediate effect, are entitled to their rightful classification as employees in relation to their fields of study, as well as the attendant remuneration.


"As far as the ASIC-awarded accreditation is concerned, programmes offered by the Hydel University College enjoy automatic accreditation. Therefore, all degrees earned by graduates of the Hydel University College are accepted globally, and this, in turn, facilitates access to international employment," said Bennett.

In the meantime, vice-president with responsibility for sports development at the Hydel University College Yvonne Kong expressed her joy at the latest developments.

"I am extremely happy, not only with the UCJ's accreditation of our current programmes, but more so with ASIC's award of International Institutional accreditation," said Kong, a former principal of G.C. Foster College.

For his part, former chief education officer and founding vice-president of the Hydel University College Jasper Lawrence noted that from early, the institution embarked on a journey to enlighten, empower, and release the highest potential of students, faculty, staff, management, and other stakeholders.