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Wellness fair successfully staged in Lucea

Published:Monday | January 30, 2017 | 12:00 AMBryan Miller


Approximately 200 persons from across Hanover were in attendance on Friday for the fourth Wellness Fair of the Hanover Poor Relief Department, which was staged in collaboration with the Hanover Homelessness Committee.

The activities were held on the grounds of the Poor Relief Department of the Hanover Municipal Corporation, which is located on Millers Drive, in Lucea.

Nieka Edram, the inspector of poor at the Hanover Municipal Corporation, told The Gleaner that the attendees were from across the parish.

"Today is our fourth annual health fair, during which we cater for our registered poor and homeless persons," said Edram.

"Today, we will be giving them a bath, meals, change of clothes and they will have access to general health and dental care."

Edram pointed out that every person registered at the event for the day would get food packages along with hygienic care packages to take home. The items were secured courtesy of donations from corporate establishments with offices in the parish.

She further explained that a number of volunteers from within the Hanover health sector and from the municipal corporation assisted with the coordination of the event.


"I think we are fortunate because most of the resources to have this event came from the business community within the parish," said Edram. "The councillors also contributed to the event."

Edram singled out the Chinese community in Lucea for their contribution towards the event, noting that there is a general belief that the Chinese do not contribute towards anything, which their gesture showed is not true.

She also mentioned other major projects being undertaken by the Hanover Poor Relief Department, including a weekly feeding programme for homeless persons and shut-ins, which is done on Wednesdays and includes the provision of more than 100 meals.

Edram further explained that the board of supervision and the Hanover Homelessness Committee also contributes to the daily and weekly activities of the Poor Relief Department of the parish.