Sat | Mar 17, 2018

Government warns against panic amid Trump travel orders

Published:Tuesday | January 31, 2017 | 9:36 AM
Kamina Johnson Smith

Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister Kamina Johnson Smith says Jamaicans should remain calm despite tension over the new executive orders signed by President Donald Trump, one of which bans travellers from seven Muslim-dominated countries.

There has been panic among Caribbean migrants in light of the developments over the weekend.

However, in a release last evening, Johnson Smith said it is extremely unhelpful that people are inciting panic on matters that are very complex and very technical and subject to a lot of uncertainty even in the issuing state.

She says the Ministry is making every effort to ascertain the scope of these orders.

Johnson Smith notes that the ministry is in contact with the US Embassy here and the State Department overseas through Jamaican missions.

She says as soon as the ministry is clear on the issues and can inform the public on any impact on the Jamaican community, it will do so.

Earlier today, opposition MP Lisa Hanna has called for the Government to clarify whether, and to what extent, Trump’s immigration orders could affect Jamaican students seeking employment in the United States.

According to Hanna, in the face of the uncertainty created by the executive order, the Government of Jamaica needs to provide clarity for students who may be planning to travel for employment this summer and could be affected by the executive orders.