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Daniel Stefano Lattery brings his passion to St Ann

Published:Thursday | February 2, 2017 | 12:09 AMCarl Gilchrist
Daniel Lattery


For law student Daniel Stefano Lattery, life is much more than falling in line with the status quo. It's this attitude that actually inspired the birth of a management company, Ideas Made Perfect (IMP), which Lattery started in early 2016. Now, it seems, backed by his Christian faith, Lattery, in his own words, is headed beyond the skies. No limit for him, he says. The St Catherine native grew up in Spanish Town, attended Kingston College and then completed a law degree at the University of the West Indies, Mona. But instead of confining himself to an office, Lattery has opted to pursue his dream of making IMP a beneficial force not only for himself, but for his fellowmen.

There was a point in his life when he lost three close friends in separate motor vehicle crashes over the space of a few months, 2015 into 2016. Indeed, in December 2016, he nearly lost his life in a car crash along Highway 2000. But his dream lives on.

When Lattery started Norman Manley Law School in 2015, he started looking at the suffering of the people around him individuals in his community, his friends, "and being in Spanish Town and you're seeing corruption happening every single day, it took a toll on me".

So he decided he had to do something to help the people who were suffering.

Spurred on by his belief that everyone has at least one good idea, he decided to start a company, in January 2016, to help develop these ideas whenever they surfaced.

"I started IMP in January 2016 while I was in law school at Norman Manley. I had the idea for it to be a social media marketing company because myself and business partner Russell Henlin we spent an entire year developing an algorithm then we added a new phase which is the management aspect, so we are now a management company that incorporates business development, social media marketing, property development," Lattery told Rural Xpress.

The IMP idea was born out of a need to help others and not merely as a self-fulfilling project.

"I'm from Spanish Town and I've seen suffering. I've experienced a lot of suffering and hardship in my life, and I believe that every individual is blessed with at least one good idea that can be used to really bring themselves. For me personally, I'm not just looking to advance in the class structure, I'm really trying to destroy status quo because I believe every man has and should be afforded, the ability to do better.

"As the name suggests, Ideas Made Perfect, even if you don't know what you want to do, as long as you have the idea to do something great, we'll assist you."

With management portfolio being added later, the company's entrance into property management has seen Lattery take control of Wata Land, located on the St Ann-St Mary border, as he seeks to take the business to its maximum potential.

The change of management has seen several changes at the attraction, including reduced entrance fees, new facilities and attractions such as an aquatic volleyball area, development of a nature trail, and other things.

Issues with the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) which arose in the past are being ironed out.

"We're going through a form of clarity. NEPA and ourselves, we are in talks and we are addressing everything; we are on good terms," Lattery says.