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Semaj not surprised police, pastors most prevalent high-profile sex offenders

Published:Thursday | February 2, 2017 | 10:14 AM
Semaj ... a culture of reporting sexual offences must be engendered in Jamaica.

Psychologist Dr Leachim Semaj says it is not surprising that pastors and policemen have been named the most prevalent high-profile perpetrators of sexual offences against minors.

In revealing that these two groups were among the prime high-profile offenders, head of the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, Superintendent Enid Ross-Stewart did not provide data on the number of policemen or pastors who have been accused or convicted in recent years.

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But Semaj says Superintendent Ross-Stewart’s comments are supported by data which show that persons of trust usually commit crimes such as rape and carnal abuse.


Psychologist Dr. Leachim Semaj

Semaj also said a culture of reporting sexual offences must be engendered in Jamaica so that evidence can be recorded and the offences reduced.

He also said persons of trust such as teachers, medical doctors and psychologists must ensure that others are around when they are interacting with minors to minimise the likelihood of incidents or allegations of sexual misconduct.


Psychologist Dr. Leachim Semaj

IN PHOTO: Ross-Stewart

Meanwhile, Ross-Stewart said for last year, her office received 1,094 reports of alleged sexual intercourse involving underage persons.

Of that number, 664 reports came from Kingston.

However, Superintendent Ross-Stewart lamented that the conviction rate is among the lowest compared with other categories of sexual offences.