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Opposition senator proposes establishment of anti-gang court

Published:Friday | February 3, 2017 | 12:15 PM

Opposition senator Lambert Brown has proposed the establishment of an anti-gang court as part of a series of measures to deal with the issue of crime in Jamaica.

He also recommended greater enforcement of the anti-gang legislation which yielded its first conviction this week, three year's after coming into operation.

Making his contribution to the state of the nation in the Senate this morning, Senator Brown also said the Government should re-establish the justice and crime committee.

Earlier, Senator Brown blasted the Andrew Holness administration for what he says is the lack of urgency in responding to the increases in crime and especially murder.


Opposition senator Lambert Brown

According to him, the National Security Minister Robert Montague has done nothing except in saying to calm down, introduce the used car policy for the police and pointed to his uncle being an obeah man.

Brown criticised the Prime Minister Andrew Holness for his 2016 General Election campaign speech in which he said people should not vote for the People's National Party if they wanted to be safe in their homes.

He said for months Holness has spoken of a crime plan but no details have come.

Holness has said in the coming months, a crime plan will be rolled out.

Last year, Jamaica recorded an 11 per cent increase in murder, when compared with the figure for 2015.