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Evangelist Sandra Brooks : The church was warned

Published:Saturday | February 4, 2017 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell Livingston
Sandra Brooks

Evangelist Sandra Brooks is not surprised at the many church leaders being exposed for alleged wrongdoings as exactly seven years ago, she got a 'Macedonian Call' - (referring to God-given vision ) and said she was totally ostracised for it.

"Based on the prophetic word, you can say without a doubt that it was fulfilled. Every single thing that was told is being fulfilled. We see right now where our leaders, our pastors are being exposed the last couple of years. Sad to say some of these individuals were also a part of the whole movement and more is yet to come," said Brooks, who shared that she had got the message seven years ago for church leaders to repent and call a day of repentance for the country.

Her message then was documented to the country by The Gleaner's Glenroy Sinclair in January 2010.

Brooks said following the warning, she was isolated both by church leaders and even people she thought were her friends.

"They hated me with a passion. They eliminated me from every function, they stopped playing my music on radio, they tried to silence me, because I am a vocal person," she told The Gleaner on some of what she had to endure.

"We cannot pretend anymore, I know they know that God has spoken," she said, adding that it was laid on her heart to remind them of that message.

She couldn't do it earlier as she said she wasn't "healed from all the hurt inflicted," at the time.

"Now I am healed as I have had to learn a lot of stuff because of being hated. One of them is warfare prayer," she said.

At the time when she first got the warning, Brooks said she went in prayer for two weeks to confirm the message, before going to group leaders, pastors and other religious leaders with the message of repentance, reminding them of the call to serve God's people instead of treating them with disdain and disrespect and lording it over them.




Part of the message was for them to reclaim the flock they had driven away by apologising to them.

"You are my servants, but you have become so high-minded, greedy, selfish and proud. If you don't repent I am going to cut down some great men among you," were words she also imparted.

Brooks is calling out all the ministers who are being hypocritical and committing all kinds of sin including - adultery, fornication and wounding the church members emotionally and spiritually.

Acknowledging that a lot of people have been embarrassed by the church including herself, she reminds that judgement will start in the house of the Lord.

"God is lifting our skirts, showing our dirty linen so that we can stop the pretence. A lot of people out there want to go to church, but has been wounded by our leaders in the churches and nobody there to help them. Some are prophetess, they silence them, as a matter of fact, they call them fanatics when God gives them a word," she said.

Brooks shared that the Minister of Security Robert Montague was partly correct when he spoke about obeah and its influences.

She said she has been around since biblical days alluding to Saul who visited the witch of Endor to rise the body of Samuel so he could receive information on the future.

(1 Samuels's 28:3-25.).

"The Lord showed me that a lot of people are using sacrifices. They have built up altars like Baal, they are seeking powers. The police eventually found it out, that these people are in high science. Who say there is not such a thing, they are only fooling themselves. There are witches and wizards in high places and sad to say they have come into the churches under the disguise of leadership," Brooks revealed.

Reaching out to true believers reminding them that there is a fine line between the Holy Spirit and divination, she said the only real solution is to "test the spirits" as the Bible instructs to avoid being deceived by false prophets.