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Plans in the works for CCTV for Lucea

Published:Monday | February 6, 2017 | 12:00 AMBryan Miller
Sheridan Samuels


With criminal activities, especially shootings, now competing with neighbouring St James for the top spot on crime in western Jamaica, Easton Edwards, the councillor for the Lucea division in the Hanover Municipal Corporation, is lobbying for the installation of a closed-circuit television system in the capital Lucea.

"I have been promised a contribution of US$5,000 by a concerned citizen - a returning resident - if I may say, towards the implementation of a CCTV system in the town of Lucea," Councillor Edwards announced at a recent meeting of the corporation.

In a subsequent interview with The Gleaner, Edwards explained that the contribution, though significant, may not be enough for full implementation of the project, but it is a start, which can be supplemented. He added that the system which is being considered will not be overly expensive or call for a lot of infrastructure such as wiring.




"These cameras use Wi-Fi so we do not need a lot of wiring. We just put them in their respective locations, and the monitor in the police station, and we are good to go," Edwards explained.

Councillor Sheridan Samuels, chairman of the Hanover Municipal Corporation and mayor of Lucea, expressed support for the initiative when it was announced as he, too, has been expressing serious concerns about crime in the parish.

"We have to make crimefighting a priority in this parish," said Samuels, who has also given his full support to the formation of a special committee to include the police to tackle crime in Hanover.

Edwards informed the corporation that he had discussions with Kelvin Hall, the president of the Lucea Chamber of Commerce, who is in favour of the idea, but he said further discussions are to be held. He added that the police have been sensitised about the idea, but formal discussions have not been held with the leadership of the police in the parish.

About 12 persons have been murdered in the parish since the start of 2017.