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Legal taxi operators seeing increased business since recent abductions

Published:Tuesday | February 7, 2017 | 1:19 PM

The National Council of Taxi Associations says legal operators have seen an uptick in business in light of the recent cases of abduction of women and girls while travelling in taxis.

Association president Deon Chance says his members are experiencing an increase in their passenger load and revenue.

There has been heightened concern about the safety of females amid a recent spate of abductions said to be perpetrated by men posing as taxi operators.

According to Chance, most of the recent abductions linked to taxis were committed by persons driving robot taxis.

He says this has tainted the image of law-abiding taxi operators.

He’s urging members of the public, especially females, to take precautions when travelling in taxis.


Head of The National Council of Taxi Associations, Deon Chance

The Police have urged the public to take precautions when travelling in public transportation.