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Jamaica Securities Dealers Association gets new president

Published:Friday | February 10, 2017 | 12:19 AM
Steven Gooden

Steven Gooden has been appointed to the post of president of the Jamaica Securities Dealers Association (JSDA).

Gooden, who is chief executive officer of NCB Capital Markets, is expected to promote the interest of the securities industry in Jamaica and to develop and improve standards in the industry.

The JSDA came into existence on September 11, 2002, and was established to promote the consideration and discussion of all questions affecting the business of licences under the Securities Act of 1993.

The JSDA works closely with regulators to develop appropriate regulations for the industry which facilitate development and protection for investors, with the ultimate goal to transition to a self-regulated association (SRA).

"I thank and acknowledge the hard work of my predecessor, Julian Mair, who has ensured the securities dealers are still relevant today, despite the numerous regulatory changes experienced over the last year," Gooden said.

"Lobbying efforts will be continued on all matters relating to the securities industry to ensure an active role is played in the growth of the economy. My focus will be on advocacy, the industry playing a role in advancing the nation's economic agenda, and market expansion and development. I am excited about the way forward and thank you for your confidence in me," Gooden added.

With seven years' experience at the senior management level, his background also includes research, unit trust management, structured products, private equity, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions.




Gooden will be supported by first vice-president, Julian Mair of Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB), second vice-president Rohan Miller of Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited, treasurer Claudette Crooks of MoneyMasters Limited, and secretary Chorvelle Johnson of Proven Wealth Limited.

"The year 2016 was a continuation of efforts of the past two years, at a time where substantial industry focus was captured in the IMF agreement with a series of structural benchmarks targeted specifically at the securities industry. There were some successes through our lobbying efforts but we will see new challenges to face in 2017," said outgoing president Mair.

"I am excited about the new leadership appointed to the JSDA. I wish Mr Gooden luck in his new charge and look forward to supporting him in the new year," Mair added.

The JSDA represents 16 securities dealers with offices throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean.