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Believe and receive : The Marie Berbick story

Published:Saturday | February 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Marie Berbick, a woman of strength.

Nine years ago Marie Berbick was at a high point in her life where she had everything going for her; she had a career and was financially stable until it all came tumbling down, ending with a messy divorce. Within a few years, she watched helplessly as everything she worked hard for, disappeared right before her eyes.

"There were four things I was determined not to lose: my faith, my sanity, my children and my reputation. In the end, with God's help, I held on to the first three with conviction and managed to do a decent job of protecting my reputation," she explained.

Throughout the last seven years of some of the most tumultuous experiences of her life, including a broken marriage and messy custody and divorce matters, Berbick said she experienced God's grace and favour in abundance. "My faith grew tremendously as a result of what I have been through and the miracles that God displayed to get me through it all with a sound mind. I realised that prayer is powerful and when you pray with conviction and believe that God will deliver, hence my firm stance that if you believe, you will receive," she told Family and Religion.

Five of the last seven years she was involved in what she described as "a very unpleasant custody battle for her three children." "In the process of seeking custody, the other party sought to file various mischievous and false allegations of child abuse against me. Investigation after investigation by the Child Development Agency (CDA) came back with the same results - no evidence of abuse of my children by me, yet the false allegations continued and led to my being before the court sometimes as often as three times for the month. The allegations kept coming one after the other as did the emotionally draining court appearances," said Berbick.

She added: "I would be at work and just receive a call to show up in court or report to the CDA to be interviewed regarding fresh allegations of abuse that had been made against me." Berbick said she emptied all her savings and investments accounts and ended up in serious debt fighting legal battles.

"It seemed as though there was no end in sight, but still Berbick pressed on believing that prayer and the continued support from her mother and the powerful men and women of God, who had rallied to strengthen her in the face of her adversity, would give her justice. Many people underestimate the impact that a divorce can have on their lives and if there are children involved, the irreparable damage and lasting effects it could have on the children."

Berbick said she did not anticipate the level of damage that a divorce yet to be settled would have had on her life and that of her children. As a result, she had this advice: "It is very important that a person going through a divorce or any other major life changing experience that may have a negative impact, to seek support. My support team is a set of powerful prayer warriors who were my eyes when I couldn't see. Nothing could happen and we weren't on top of it spiritually. So even through the battle was a raging one, there was no fear because we all knew what the outcome would be. I recall getting calls odd hours of the night from powerful men and women of God, whenever the Lord gave them a word for me," Berbick told Family and Religion.


In next week's edition of Family and Religion Marie Berbick shares how she eventually overcame the situation, reunite with her sons and the life lessons she has learnt from the ordeal.