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Gastroenteritis on the rise in Clarendon - doctor

Published:Saturday | February 11, 2017 | 9:53 AM

Medical officer of Health for Clarendon Dr Kimberly Scarlett Campbell has revealed that there is an increase in the number of Gastroenteritis cases in certain areas of the parish.

She says there are over 30 suspected cases of Gastroenteritis every month and approximately 40 cases diagnosed every week.

“The areas that tend to have most GE cases are linked to poor water quality. Several areas in and around Chapelton do not have much piped water and so that is where we have most cases, followed by Lionel Town.

These are very high risk areas. The third highest number of cases in the parish is recorded at the May Pen Hospital and that is because that is the parish’s major hospital,” Dr Scarlett Campbell explains. 

She says gastroenteritis cases are low in areas where there is piped water, such as May Pen and Spaldings.

Councillor for the Chapelton Division Hershel Brown says the matter of the increased cases of gastroenteritis in Chapelton is not by chance as the water quality in the division is extremely poor and many people are using water from the river.

In the meantime, Brown says there was a fish kill a few days ago in which persons caught fish and shrimp using the lethal grammaxone poison then sold the shrimp to students at Clarendon College.

He says the matter was reported to the Chapelton police as well as the National Environment and Planning Agency for action to be taken.

“I am using this report as a basis to demand of the council that the water systems in the Chapelton division be fixed, and those that need cleaning be cleaned and that priority be given to the division regarding the trucking of water,” he states.