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Not for profit! - Young Christian says gospel music should be used as Ministry

Published:Saturday | February 11, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Rohan Lee.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

With the numerous gospel shows being held locally and internationally, young Christian, Rohan Lee is of the belief that many have lost their mark by promoting the business aspects rather than the Ministry.

"Gospel is not a genre, it is the gospel of Jesus Christ, we know that the Lord says our gifts will bring us before great men, but God can't give you a gift and you don't trust him enough to the point where you put a fence around you. Sometimes the price you put on going somewhere is so high it hinders you from ministering to people,"said founder of God Lives Within Studio and Ministry.

He continued: "If you are going to represent Christ with the gospel, you have to be Christ like ... . It's more about how you can reach people and less about the business. They (ministers) should be focused on winning souls for the kingdom. As servants of the most high God, we must be aware of where we are heading."

Lee explained that nothing is wrong with using one's talent to earn, but the love of fame and money should never override the Ministry.

"Not because somebody call you for an event and the money is right and the date is right means you should take it. We need to fast and pray and make sacrifices. We have to be constantly seeking the Lord and his direction for what it is that we should take up," Lee told Family and Religion.

He further said persons must ensure they are called to Ministry. "Sometimes when I go to these gospel events, it feels the same as a secular event, nobody is worshipping, the people dem a give forward. Sometimes we nuh listen to the Holy Spirit, we go on stage and we sing what we want to sing. If God say sing a little song fi touch the people dem heart, we sometimes sing our song because we want the people to know the new song and we want to establish ourselves. We need more evidences of the fruit of the spirit. You can't hear a song and only know its gospel down a di last part, we must be set apart."

Important to note, the young Christian declared that he was not calling out anyone specifically, but his wish is to have every gospel minister reach the place of humility and true submission to God.

"We are not shooting down anybody, but the word of God corrects, the Lord chases who he loves and corrects them. Sometimes if we nuh deh pon flyer we nah minister, and we decide fi do a show free because we want promotion. But our Ministry must be about reaching people, going to the garrisons, the ends of the earth. No show should be held without a little prayer session and praise and worship, sometimes the ministers go in and them nuh have no strategy to clear the atmosphere of the evil spirit," he noted.

Lee said he who follows the leading of God cannot go wrong. "If you must go Sting and Sumfest, go minister, go by all means, but remember your purpose and avail yourself for the Holy Spirit to use you. If you trust and believe in God, He will bless you," Lee told Family and Religion.