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Government set to meet march targets for public sector transformation

Published:Monday | February 13, 2017 | 12:00 AMRomario Scott

The Government is on track to meet key structural public-sector reforms under the Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies (MEFP), Danny Roberts, the head of the Public Sector Transformation Oversight Committee (PSTOC), has revealed.

Speaking with The Gleaner last week, Roberts, a veteran trade unionist, said on the back of establishing the implementation unit, which was itself a December 2016 target, PSTOC has reason to believe that more targets are set to be met.

"We have some benchmark activities coming up in March, April and May, with some also in August and November of this year, and what we have been doing is tracking those activities," the PSTOC head said.

Roberts said that, based on the reports the committee received in January, he believes the objectives up to March will be achieved, confirmation of which he will give when the committee reports to the public a month later.




"One of the benchmarks for March was to develop a database which is essentially carrying out a census to determine the number of employees we have in the central government system; and another was to develop a comprehensive database to rationalise salaries and allowances," Roberts told The Gleaner.

He also said another March objective was to focus on and rationalise the rules governing employment within the public service.

The PSTOC head told The Gleaner that he expects that when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) team arrives in the island at the end this month, more targets will be added to the MEFP, which is a part of the Government's standby agreement with the IMF.

Roberts said any new benchmark will be greeted with optimism and would be tackled by the feverishly working implementation unit headed by Maria Thompson-Walters.


 ...PSTOC will ensure faster, more efficient public service, says Roberts

Danny Roberts, head of the Public Sector Transformation Oversight Committee (PSTOC), is expressing confidence in that body's ability to preside over a successful turnaround of the public sector which, he argues, is a critical component in the thrust for economic prosperity.

"In addition to meeting the structural benchmarks, it [public-sector transformation] will begin to ultimately shape the kind of politic within the public service so the public in general can be assured of a faster and more efficient public service, which is critical to economic growth and prosperity," said, Roberts, who is also head of the Hugh Lawson Shearer Trade Union Education Institute.

PSTOC, whose role is to monitor the public-sector transformation polices of the Government, will have its next review in April of this year.