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JATOO denied entry to meeting with gov't officials over tint enforcement

Published:Monday | February 13, 2017 | 1:25 PM

Louis Barton, president of the Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators (JATOO), was this morning denied entry to a meeting held at the Transport Authority head office with government officials over the renewed enforcement of the no-tinting rule to fight crime.

Speaking with The Gleaner, Barton said: “JATOO was excluded from the meeting. I went there and they said that our name is not on the list as an invited association so we didn’t take part in it”.

Barton cited the “openness” of his association in dealing with issues of public interest as a possible factor for not being allowed to take part in the meeting.

“JATOO has never been quiet about issues. We air the issues because our members and the public want to know. They always say that JATOO is not a recognised association so we are not under any strict regulation that we cannot say anything to the press whereas the other associations have an understanding with Transport Authority that they won’t go beyond certain measures. So that’s the only reason I can think of why I wasn’t allowed.”

Barton expressed that his association has been invited to meetings in the past, having attended one up to late last year.