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Police 'death squad' trial starts

Published:Monday | February 13, 2017 | 9:27 PM

The first of the so-called police death squad trial began today with the main prosecution witness giving a detailed account of how a Police Constable used an M-16 rifle to shoot him at close range.

Police Constables Roan Morrison and Collis Brown, also known as Chucky, are on trial for murder and wounding with intent.

They were arrested and charged by the Independent Commission of Investigations for the fatal shooting of Phaebian Dinnal and the injury of another man in May Pen, Clarendon, in February 2010.

The witness, whose name is being withheld, told the court that he was walking along Windsor Road towards the May Pen Mall to purchase something for the mother of his child shortly after midday when a Toyota Probox motorcar stopped beside him.

He said the back door opened and a man he identified as Brown pointed a long gun at him and told him several times to get on his knees.

According to the witness, the police Constable was dressed in a black t-shirt, black short pants and a tam with two holes over his head but not covering his face.

He said he refused to comply with the instructions to get on his knees and enquired what he had done.

The witness said that's when Morrison emerged from the front passenger side of the vehicle with a long gun pointed in the air and stared at him.

He said Constable Brown told him two more times to get on his knees and he refused.

According to the witness, Brown slowly pulled the tam as far as his forehead and then he heard a loud explosion.

The witness said he fell to the ground and recalled that Constable Brown came out the vehicle and placed his foot on his head.

He said he heard two more explosions and later saw the body of another man lying in the street.

The witness said he was placed in a bus and the dead man placed on top of him.

He will continue giving evidence tomorrow.