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Footprints | Adina Glaze - A hardwoker with a kind heart

Published:Tuesday | February 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Adina Glaze

'Aunt Diney' was born in Porter's Mountain on February 16, 1927 to Martin Luther Brissett (Papa Luth) and Rebecca Brissett (Aunt Beck). She was one of eleven children. She was educated at Porter's Mountain Primary under the tutelage of an outstanding educator, known to everyone as Teacher Bowen.

In December 1952, she married the handsome Sylvan Glaze, who predeceased her in 1980. The union produced six (6) children: Danovan (Danny), Owen (Bill), Linly (Pete), Merrick (Dave), Sheryl (Babs) and Jerome (Terry). She is survived by two sisters (Alissia and Joan), her six children, their spouses, several grand and great grands, nieces and nephews. However, time does not permit us to name them today.

Ms Diney was highly respected in the district and beyond. Although she did not have advanced formal training, she educated herself through constant reading and discourse and was at home in the bushes of Ramble bush, the waiting rooms of doctors' offices, and the fancy living rooms wherever she went. Her communication skills and her mastery of the English language were often mistaken for those of a teacher.




From a young age, Ms Diney exhibited remarkable strength and determination. She approached hard work as if she welcomed it. It was something that was to be attacked and not shirked away from. This reputation as a workaholic was known even beyond Porter's Mountain. As one elderly relative put it, "as a young woman, she was frisky, and even in those days she was a role model. Her father boasted on all the work that she did!"

She was a willing partner, working shoulder to shoulder with her husband in the fields. At the same time, she would be busy at home working as a dressmaker and teaching others the skill of dressmaking. Even while doing this, she was busy raising her children and those of others.

Her kindness resonated far and wide and left lasting impressions. In speaking about life in Porter's Mountain, Clover's childhood friend said that Ms Diney was the kindest person she knew and the only person in Porter's Mountain who had ever given her anything.