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NCB rolls out phase two of security tokens

Published:Friday | February 17, 2017 | 12:18 AM

With the growing threat of cyber-crimes globally, businesses across several industries have increased investment in security technology.

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB), as part of its strategy to enhance the security of its online platform to protect customers from fraud, Internet scams and other cyber threats, recently introduced the RSA SecurID token (security tokens).


Globally recognised


RSA SecurID is a globally recognised security tool utilised by many banks to protect confidential customer information and assets.

"In the same way we invest in physical security to protect our customers at the branches, we are also investing in this global technology to protect them online. Even with these investments, customers should practice vigilance in protecting their online assets in the same way they take steps to protect their physical property," said Howard Gordon, senior general manager, group operations and technology division.

Phase two of the roll-out of the security tokens started February 6, 2017. Customers are required to register and begin utilising the security tokens by April 4, 2017 to enhance the security of their account and to avoid service disruption.

Retail customers will have the option to utilise a 'hard' security token, which is a physical device available at branches, or a 'soft' token which can be downloaded on smartphones.

Customers will receive information on how to register via email and on the online banking platform but can also visit www.jncb.com/rsa or call the NCB Customer Care Centre at 1-888-622-3477 for more detailed information.

For tips on how customers can protect themselves online, visit https://stopthinkconnect.org.jm.