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Pizza Hut Jamaica remains high performer in local market

Published:Monday | February 20, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Tina Matalon (centre), marketing director of Restaurants of Jamaica, holds the Pepsi Award for Top Sales Growth for Pizza Hut Jamaica, at the recent 2016 YUM Franchise Week held in Miami, Florida. Standing with her are (from left) Adrian Rodriguez, sales director at PepsiCo – Food Service, PepsiCo, Inc, Latin American Beverages; Alejandra Negrin, brand manager – Food Service, PepsiCo, Inc, Latin America Beverages; Isabella Trak, marketing customer management manager – Food Service, PepsiCo, Inc, Latin America Beverages; and Mark Myers, managing director of Restaurants of Jamaica.
The new Pizza Hut in Whitter Village, Ironshore, has indoor and outdoor seating for customers.
Cashiers at the new Pizza Hut Whitter Village are excited to meet Mark Myers, Restaurants of Jamaica managing director.

Pizza Hut Jamaica continues to thrive in the local market as evidenced by its receiving the 2016 Pepsi Award for Top Sales Growth at the 2016 YUM Franchise Week held in Miami, Florida.

The award reflects the ongoing success of the brand in the Jamaican market and its ability to see and meet the needs of consumers.

"Pizza Hut Jamaica ended 2016 with double-digit sales growth over the previous year, and welcomed the newest addition to the Pizza Hut Jamaica family in January 2017, Pizza Hut Whitter Village," said Mark Myers, managing director of Restaurants of Jamaica.




"This restaurant employs 30 team members, bringing the total employed to the brand to more than 400. This reinforces our commitment to job creation as we continue to expand the brand locally."

Restaurants of Jamaica employs more than 2,000 persons in 45 restaurants islandwide.

As the demand for the taste and quality that Pizza Hut Jamaica offers continues to grow across the island, the brand will grow to satisfy Jamaica's needs.

The Whitter Village location makes the 11th store in the island and third restaurant in the Montego Bay, St James area.

Located in Whitter Village, Ironshore, the brand intends to service western Montego Bay through its carry-out and delivery restaurant.

"We recognise that delivery is a key factor for pizza consumers, so we make improving the delivery platform a priority for our brand. Innovation and development is something that we are always focusing on at Pizza Hut Jamaica and is a contributor to our continued success," said Tina Matalon, Pizza Hut Jamaica's marketing director.

"Winning the Pepsi Award for Top Sales Growth was gratifying, considering the hard work the Pizza Hut Jamaica team has done to get us to this point."


 ... Restaurants of Jamaica brands flourish in quick-service industry

In addition to Pizza Hut Jamaica, Restaurants of Jamaica is also the franchise holder for KFC Jamaica, which, for the second year in a row, was named Market of the Year at the 2016 YUM Franchise Week.

Marketing Director Tina Matalon, who received the YUM! Global Chief Marketing Officer's award in August 2015, said: "We ensure that our signature great-tasting products remain consistent while continuously innovating around the brand. We are not satisfied to simply rely on either brands' popularity, so we employ strategies that focus on growing the brand while finding new and better ways to make it more accessible to our loyal consumers."

Over the last 40 years, the company has flourished in a highly competitive quick-service restaurant industry.

Matalon attributes the brands' success to remaining focused on brand strategy and applying innovative approaches. This, coupled with a world-class operations platform, allows both brands to consistently deliver top-quality and affordable products to the consumer.