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Falmouth mayor dispels criticisms of new vending areas

Published:Wednesday | February 22, 2017 | 11:39 AM
Mayor of Falmouth Collin Gager.

Falmouth mayor Collin Gager has dispelled criticisms that the new streets designated for vending in the town are unclean and without proper lighting.

Gager says more than 40 vendors have been relocated from a pedestrianised area in the Falmouth square to two less crowded streets in the town.

Some vendors have claimed that the new areas are unsanitary and that the weekly charge of $2,000 is exorbitant.

However, Gager says the new vending areas were properly sanitised and outfitted with LED lights before the vendors were relocated.


Falmouth mayor Collin Gager

He says the relocation of the vendors has eased congestion in Falmouth. 

The Falmouth mayor says many commuters have commended the Trelawny Municipal Council for finding alternative vending areas for sellers.

The government is moving to transform Falmouth into a premiere cruise destination in the Caribbean.