Sat | Feb 17, 2018

Diary of a ghetto priest | Politics and religion

Published:Friday | February 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM

In many countries, God is stated as the Prime Mover in all the decisions made, but it is not so in reality - God is merely a token reference in politics in general as a historical source that has been forgotten.

Discussions about God and His will by government leaders in any serious debate or deliberation does not happen, and often, there would be protest that there need be a separation between Church and State.

What a fatality! If God and His wisdom and His law is not the prime source of our decision-making and our way of life - then who will be the prime source? Will it be an amalgamation of wisdom collected from famous and popular men of each nation? Or, will it be the exigency of the moment thought up by politicians to answer some emergency need - particularly to win some election or to follow some wind of change? Or to adapt to some political or economic force current in the world?




Surely, God has the greatest knowledge of the world, of people, and of what is the purpose of creation. Can man's wisdom replace God's wisdom? Has there been any greater civilisation than the Judeo-Christian Civilisation, which has ruled Europe, the Americas (including the Caribbean), so much of Africa and the sub-continents have been greatly influenced by Christ and the written word of God.

The modern God, however, is money and economics as a philosophy and theology of life. In a word, money rules, morality is thrown out, or is being entirely eroded. The IMF, the World Bank, bombs, guns, hydrogen and nuclear weapons rule. Power, pride, and possessions are the dictators, materialism and secularism which scoff at God and His ways, are the new laws that rule the world. This world, this time, 'I', 'me', 'mine', are the ruling principles of life.




God is forgotten, which leads to man and Mammon and their worldly demands control the world as the prime consideration as to what is important and what is not.

But God will have His ways. What is not natural law, what is not just and merciful, what is not respectful and dignified will not last. Moreover all men will be judged by God, the last judge will not be human judges, it will not be presidents and kings, billionaires, or the most brilliant and famous of men, God will be the final Judge, and all men will be accountable to Him. No man will escape the Great Judge, the Maker of Heaven and Earth and all things visible and invisible. And His norm will be the beatitudes. And there will be Heaven and Hell.

This I do believe. What do you believe?