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National Leadership Prayer Breakfast Committee hands over to Children First

Published:Friday | February 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Courtney Campbell, president and CEO of Victoria Mutual
Claudette Richardson-Pious, executive director of Children First.

"We are 20 years old this year and what better gift to receive than this gift of transformation. We salute all those who have put their money where their mouth is because every young person is not only a promise, but a possibility," said an elated Claudette Richardson-Pious, executive director of Children First, the 2017 beneficiary of the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast Committee's (NLPBC) charitable donation.

Richardson-Pious was speaking at the cheque handover ceremony held at the Children First Youth Wellness Centre on Wednesday in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

The donation was valued at a little over $500,000 represented a combination of contributions collected at the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast along with a direct donation from the Victoria Mutual Group.

Each year, the NLPBC contributes the money collected at the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast, and additional donations made, to a specific project or charity. Richardson-Pious in expressing her gratitude for the donation, noted that it came at a critical time when funding for one of the organisation's major projects had come to an end.

"The donation has come at a very important time. It will be used to fund two projects. We manage a holistic life skills and skills-building project at the South Camp Juvenile Correctional Centre. This project involves weekly life skills education and skills-building sessions among 50 wards of the State," she explained.

Chairman of the NLPBC, the Reverend Dr Stevenson Samuels, commended Children First on its efforts over the past 20 years and the impact it has had. He also highlighted the importance of cultivating a spirit of kindness within the society.

"Kindness is a quality that you have to put on. I encourage everyone to let it grow deep inside you, and when you do, you get other great qualities such as mercy, humility - and long suffering - all of which are needed in our society."

President and CEO of the Victoria Mutual Group Courtney Campbell reiterated his organisation's commitment to supporting the work of the NLPBC and emphasised the significance of the contribution being made to Children First. "Happenings in our country over the past few months have left us very troubled as a nation. Our children are brutally murdered, sexually abused, and traumatised by the environment in which they live. Children First has been working with vulnerable children to improve their life opportunities and toenable them to make a valuable contribution to the society. We applaud your resilience in the face of difficulties, knowing that some of your projects are limited to available funding. Despite the difficulties, you are getting results."


 ...Victoria Mutual chooses Children First for Labour Day

President and CEO of the Victoria Mutual Group Courtney Campbell says that in addition to making a monetary donation towards Children First Youth Wellness Centre, Victoria Mutual selected the entity as its main 2017 National Labour Day Project.

Team members from Victoria Mutual will volunteer their time on Labour Day to give the centre a facelift that will enhance the facilities so that students can continue to have a pleasant environment that is conducive to learning. Additional donations towards Children First can be deposited to the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast Committee's account at VMBS, Account # 22684518.

Victoria Mutual has been the major sponsor of the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast for more than 30 years.