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Doctor's Advice | Which position led to conception?

Published:Saturday | February 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Q Hello, Doc. I have done a crazy thing, and have wound up pregnant. In fact, I suppose I did two crazy things, because I had sex with two different guys, during the Christmas holiday.

The problem now is that I don't know which guy is the father. But I did it in two different positions, so maybe you could tell me which is the one I conceived in.

I know it all sounds bad, and I do regret what I did, but I am only 18, and maybe I am a little naÔve where sex is concerned!

I know that my menses arrived just before Christmas. Just after the big day, I went to a party and a young man persuaded me to go off to a quiet room with him. After a few minutes of kissing and hugging, I did get real excited and I gave in to him. We did it in a 'standing up' position, because he told me that I would not get pregnant that way.

About a week later, just after the New Year, I am afraid that I gave in to an older man (22) who 'sweet-talked' me into going to his bedroom. He got me to have sex in what I think they call the 'doggy position' which I had not tried before. Doc, can one get pregnant in this position?

Well, a couple of weeks later, I found that my menses did not arrive. I have now done a pregnancy test, and I find that I am expecting a child, probably in September-October.

So I would like to know this. Which of these guys do you think is the father, bearing in mind that I had sex in those two different positions?

A It is a pity that you gave in to these two guys. However, the question of position has absolutely nothing to do with it! I would like all young readers to realise that you can get pregnant in ANY position. It doesn't matter whether you are standing on your head or swinging from the chandelier. If sperms get into the vagina, you may well conceive.

Now if I understand you correctly, your menses started about December 21-23. You had sex with the first guy around December 27-29. And you went with the 'older' man somewhere around January 2-5.

These dates make it seem more likely that the second guy is the babyfather. But I must say to you that this is by no means certain! Either man could possibly have fertilised you.

Unfortunately, at the present early stage of your pregnancy, there is no way of doing a test to find out who is the daddy. When the baby has been born, you will be able to arrange DNA testing on it, and also (if they agree) on the two possible fathers.

For that reason, I advise you to keep in contact with both these guys, making sure you have their addresses. Otherwise, you may find that during the next nine months, they quietly disappear.

Q I recently bought a tube of that 'big bottom cream', and have been applying it to my buttocks. I don't see any results yet, but, Doc, do you think it would be safe for me to rub it into my breasts, which are on the small side?

A Don't do this. I see that on the net, there over half a million sites advertising various types of 'big bottom cream'. I am a little doubtful as to whether any of them work. But when they are rubbed into a muscular area such as the buttocks, it is probable that, at least, they wouldn't do any harm.

But ... the breasts are a totally different matter. Your breasts are glands, full of sensitive tissues and (unfortunately) rather liable to develop cancer and other disorders. Therefore, you should not rub anything into them, just in case there are some bad effects.

So, please, no big bottom cream on the boobs!

Q I am a guy who does not feel he is 'big' enough in the penis department. Is there any point in buying those penis-enlarging weights that I see advertised on the Internet?

A Well, the idea of these things is that you hang weights on your organ every day and that somehow they will stretch you and make you longer.

Frankly, I don't believe that these weights will enlarge anything much - except perhaps the bank balances of the guys who manufacture them.

Also, I have heard one or two reports (admittedly, not many) of young men who have injured themselves by hanging weights on their penises. For instance, a guy ended up with extreme soreness, plus a stretched foreskin, which hung several inches down below his urinary opening and generally got in the way during attempts at sex.

To sum up, I don't think you should waste your money on these things.

Q How soon can I start the Pill after having my baby, Doc?

A You can start taking the Pill when the baby is 21 days old, but do not take it if you are breast-feeding. That is because of the fact that the Pill tends to stop the flow of milk.

However, there are alternatives, such the Mini-Pill, which does not affect the flow of breast milk.

Q After a guy has had sex and orgasmed, how soon should he be able to do it again, Doc?

A Well, there is no 'should' about it! On average, however, most young males are able to reach a second climax within two hours of the first one. A few real virile guys can do a second one just a half-hour or so after the first one.

Please note that this ability declines with age. There are very few older males who can orgasm twice within a few hours.

Q After missing some periods, I recently found out that I have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

My primary question is: How serious is it, and will I be able to have children? Also, a doctor has put me on the Pill. Will this cure it?

A PCOS is extremely common, and I know for a fact that there are thousands of women in the Corporate Area who have it.

It's a disorder in which there are lot of little cysts (that is, collections of fluid) in the ovaries. No one knows what causes it. The main possible symptoms are:

- irregular or absent menses;

- infertility;

- excessive weight;

- excessive body hair;

- acne affecting the complexion.

No, I'm afraid that the Pill will not cure your PCOS; nothing can do that. But it should give you regular, predictable periods. Despite the fact that PCOS is often linked with infertility, there is a good chance that you will be able to have children.

But in my view, you should stay under the care of an obstetrics and gynaecology specialist for some years. In the unpublished part of your email, you indicate that you have been having some trouble in getting information from doctors about PCOS. I would, therefore, recommend that you look at a good English website, where a gynaecologist called Dr Cahill explains at length what we know about this condition.

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