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God still has a plan for her life - Joy Morgan's testimony

Published:Saturday | February 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Joy with one of her strong supporters, her husband, Mervin Morgan.
Joy Morgan, radiant from the blessings of God.

Newfield, Manchester:

Her life could have ended several years ago as a result of the seriousness of her heart condition, but God would not let it be so.

He showed her on countless occasions why He is the all-powerful balm in Gilead that deserves all the honour and all the praise.

Joy Morgan was diagnosed with a heart condition in 1998 that required her to make an immediate visit to the Heart Foundation of Jamaica.

"The main valve in my heart was blocked and I had to do an emergency surgery a few months later. The period was so devastating, I didn't know if I could make it through. It was the grace of God that really saw me through because I thought I was going to die," she began.

"I experienced a lot of dizzy spells and shortness of breath and I remembered when my grandfather died he just dropped down and died from the same heart condition I thought that that was going to happen to me as well."

Dealing with the illness not only became hard for Morgan, but also her children, particularly her last son.




"My son took it hard. He was a brilliant young man, but during his time in high school, he fell back because of my illness. He worried a lot about my well-being."

She continued: "I remember once when I was in the hospital before the surgery, I was feeling so low and I didn't want to see any visitors. I thought this was my last. But I saw a strange man walking towards me, and even though I tried to look disinterested, he came near my bed and he asked if I wanted him to pray for me, and I said yes. He then said, 'God gave me scripture to give you, Isaiah 41:10'. Right there and then, I got strength and I realised God was with me all along."

Morgan's surgery was successful, but she still had some hurdles to go over.

Morgan told Family and Religion that even after the surgery, she had to be rushed in on occasions because of the unbearable pain.

"When I went in, once the nurses were checking my pulse and there was nothing there. It was as if I was dead. Then at another time, my mouth was sealed shut from Mandeville to Kingston. When I reached (Kingston), I got an injection (and), that is when I was able to speak."

The woman of God says her life is a testimony and had it not been for her Saviour, she would not have been alive to tell the tale.

"On the ward, there were three of us with heart conditions. One has died and one is constantly in and out of hospital and not doing well. If I didn't have a relationship with Jesus, I couldn't manage. I am a worshipper, and the Holy Spirit is always using me, and He reminds me every day of His love through family support and the messages that He sends."

She added: "My condition is something that is ongoing. I have to monitor it daily and take medication. It's something that makes me feel exhausted, but my God has kept me and will continue to keep me."

Morgan took the time to give a word to those facing trials.

"Keep on keeping on. Hold on to God's unchanging hands and He will see you through."

- T. B.