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Life in the midst of death

Published:Saturday | February 25, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

Snowden, Manchester:

Similar to the statement made quite frequently by just about every believer and even some non believers about Jesus' soon return, the statement that death is a sure road all must travel, has been uttered and realised by many.

Reverend Owen Lambert, in his sermon at the St David's Anglican Church recently, explained that though death is certain and the process may be hard, every individual should embrace it.

"Many young people don't think they are wasting away and what Paul says really is literal words with the average human being, at least 50-70 billion cells die every single day. When Paul says in Romans 5:16, that death comes to all men, this is not only through the spiritual realm; it is through the physical realm. Little by little our bodies are wasting away and no one can escape this reality."

Lambert spoke to the deterioration overtime of one's body and added that the process must be embraced by each, looking only to the hereafter.

"The news prints keep getting smaller and smaller and you need glasses; as you get older you don't hear too well either; our bodies are being wasted day by day; pains start to take over and you can't walk as well or as quickly as you usually do and sometimes some of us start to lose memory."


"While we are dying on the outside, inwardly in the spiritual realm, we are being renewed day by day. We are heading towards death everyday but we are experiencing new life everyday."

He further mentioned, "The song says 'Everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before' but that doesn't mean that everyday for the Christian is a bed of rose. Some days will be dark and gloomy; some days will be desperate but the sweetness of Jesus may be seen in His goodness to us in the midst of our trials."

He posited that one's mentality is key to seeing life even when death knocks.

"I have seen people dying from terminal diseases such as cancer and their bodies are wasting away, but their faces keeping growing stronger and stronger ..."

He continued, "Christians see beyond this life to the life to come; non-Christians only see this life. Christian believers die into glory. Even so we die in this life, we are confident in rising again. Despite what happens in this life the heartache, the loneliness, despair, pain, diseases these do not change the promises of God that one day we will live with Him forever and ever."

He ended, "As Christians we need to train our minds to focus on things that are not easily seen, like eternity."