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Special sub-committees of National Partnership Council set up to deal with crime, violence

Published:Sunday | February 26, 2017 | 10:55 AM
Prime Minister Andrew Holness and members of the National Partnership Council meeting on February 24.

Out of growing concern about spiralling crime, three new sub-committees have been established in the National Partnership Council (NPC) to address the rule of law violence in the society and issues relating to the environment.

This was announced following a meeting last Thursday of the NPC chaired by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

The prime minister recommended that specific committees be formed to address the issue of crime following presentations from council members. The members expressed concerns about the level of crime in the society and projected ideas to assist in tackling the issue.

Holness also welcomed the Opposition to the table, which was represented by Anthony Hylton.

“Jamaica has always had a strong social partnership and I am committed to ensuring that this partnership is strengthened and maintained. We are very happy that the Opposition is at the table, to hold the Partnership Council accountable and to be facilitators of the understanding that we are trying to build in the country,” said Holness.

The Council gave formal approval for the re-appointment of two existing committees; the Coordinating Committee, to be led by Derrick Smith and the Governance Committee, to be led by Reverend Lenworth Angling.

This was the first meeting of the NPC following the signing of the Partnership for a Prosperous Jamaica (PFPJ) Agreement in December last year.