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PSOJ CEO gives gov't passing grade

Published:Monday | February 27, 2017 | 9:27 AM

The Chief Executive Officer of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica Dennis Chung says the Andrew Holness administration has performed satisfactorily during its first year in office.

Chung has commended the government for implementing its promised income tax break which excludes some 60 per cent of the work force from Pay As You Earn taxes.

He says while the tax break has put pressure on Jamaica's finances, the government should be commended for making the difficult decision to fulfill the election promise.


Chung said the Holness administration has also done well in maintaining many of the economic policies implemented under the previous People's National Party (PNP) government.


PSOJ CEO Dennis Chung

Despite giving the government a passing grade, Chung has, however, called for the Holness administration to give a timeline within which it will introduce promised legislation for fixed election date and term limits for prime ministers.

Yesterday, the PNP expressed disappointment in the Holness administration which it said failed to deliver most of its election promises within its first year in office.

In its assessment of the one-year anniversary of the JLP administration, the PNP said the government's 1 point 5 million dollar tax break package was one of the biggest scams Jamaica has seen.

AND...The PNP said the government will be introducing some 16 billion in new taxes to fund the second phase of the tax break.

The PNP also took issue with the government's failure to increase the minimum wage and scolded the government for its implementation of the 800 million-dollar de-bushing programme ahead of the local government election in November.