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Steve Lyston | Use volunteerism as a tool for job creation

Published:Monday | February 27, 2017 | 12:14 AM

Job creation is one of the areas of greatest struggle for many nations. Many graduates today are less than hopeful because they do not see a future in the job market. I have said on many occasions that the Government should create a better environment for employment and foster greater zeal among the unemployed. There is no way the national security budget should be the highest expenditure of any government – and it should certainly not be more than what is expended on job creation.

There are many within the society that have great ideas and simply only need a start. Some countries are now more focused on the gender agenda than they are about creating a stable environment for the upcoming generation of the workforce.

It is very critical now for those who have no job experience to gain employment. They can begin to volunteer. There are organisations that would be willing to have them work for free. There are NGOs, churches, small businesses who can’t even write a business or marketing plan, and can’t afford it either. You can go into these organisations and ask to work for free for a period and by doing so, you are getting both experience and wealth transfer.

Students need to begin going into the inner-city areas to empower the people in different business endeavours.

Empowering can also mean owning a business. There are many people who are brilliant and have the skills in areas such as hairdressing, music production, and other raw talent – they are entrepreneurs and they have talent, but need guidance on how to get their stuff out there.

When a person volunteers, they are learning the art of honouring and serving, and those are the keys to wealth transfer.

There are a number of outstanding men and women who have a wealth of knowledge that needs to be imparted to the next generation and we have the potential to make it happen. Some of these persons are struggling and they have needs such as accounting, recordkeeping and other things that need to be done for them, but they have no one to do it. This is an opportunity to gain experience and also to be the beneficiaries of their experience, wisdom and wealth.


Both trade unions and student unions need to set up programmes specifically designed with the private sector in mind – for volunteers to get the credit. By volunteering, they would get first preference after graduation. Both sets of unions would need to have full-time personnel to coordinate these activities; and they would target places such as airports, manufacturing and distribution companies.

Our people also, in gaining employment opportunities, need to start looking into Latin countries. Hence, it needs to be mandatory that our people learn another language – preferably, but not only Spanish.

Every person in the nation needs now to think multifunctionally, not single-mindedly. Recognise that not because you studied a particular subject does it mean that you will only be required to focus on that area where you work. Likewise, not everything you do will mean you must get a pay cheque. A recommendation from a retired person can go a far way in opening a door for any individual. They are living in every community, and instead of people killing them, they need to go and serve them. My first job came through volunteering. I was volunteering in the community with some other boys in scouting, and I was recommended for my first job in one of the former top insurance companies – Mutual Life.

The key to a strong economy is to ensure that the base (small businesses) is functioning well. Many are just focusing on the larger companies that are not keeping the funds within the nation. You can volunteer by creating websites, making marketing presentations and business plans, and bringing solutions to these companies for free. You would be surprised to see what these companies would do. Some may even hire you on the spot! It is also for the companies to make the opportunities available for such individuals to come in and present to them.

There is no way that lawyers, doctors, teachers or any other profession should be struggling and be out of a job when they can volunteer. Volunteering makes a difference and opens up the opportunity for wealth transfer and the creation of new jobs – thus giving experience – and can change the culture in an organisation. Laid-back employees could very well be stirred into action.

Many small businesses want to grow, but they can’t afford it because of the overhead expenses. You can volunteer by assisting these companies to grow. You never know; you may be their next manager.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.