Sat | Mar 24, 2018

Alleged extortionist killed during police confrontation in Riverton City

Published:Tuesday | February 28, 2017 | 10:24 AM

The St Andrew South Police say a man identified as Tisha Miller was killed in a shoot-out with one of its teams in Riverton City yesterday.

The head of the St Andrew South Police Superintendent Arthur Brown has, however, confirmed that he is not the reputed leader of the St Catherine-based Clansman gang Tesha Miller.

Police investigators say the slain man and his cronies allegedly went to the Riverton City area to collect extortion money from persons at the landfill when they were challenged by a police team.

It’s reported that a shoot-out ensued and the men escaped.

However, the police Corporate Communications Unit reports that hours after the shooting, residents discovered the body of a man with gunshot wounds.

Speaking to The Gleaner/Power106 News Centre last evening, Superintendent Brown said he could not confirm or deny reports that Tisha Miller and his cronies were in Riverton City collecting extortion money.

Brown, however, confirmed that Miller was among the group of men who opened fire at the police.