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Footprints | Glenmore Morrison - Father of many

Published:Tuesday | February 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The funeral for the late Glenmore Morrison was truly a service of thanksgiving. Family and friends took turns sharing the happy memories, produced many hearty laughs.

Glen, or 'Crisssers', as he was dubbed in the community, was an example to many. Though he did not get far in the education system, he encouraged and even insisted that his siblings, his children as well as even children in the community attended school regularly. It was very important that they understood the value of education and where it could take them.

Morrison was also known for his physical appearance and the appearance of his property. Persons giving tributes spoke of his motor bike always glistening as he paid keen attention to it. Persons were also amazed at the fact that Morrison had what was seen as a 'dirty' job, but yet he was always spotless. a close friend spoke of Morrison packing baskets and boxes and ground provisions on trucks, and yet at the end of the day, he would still be wearing his spotless white shirt tucked into his black pants with his black tie.

Tears ran down many faces as persons recounted the care that he took of the community's children. he would ensure that they were always safe when he saw them on the road. At times, he used his personal bike to transport children who had been left stranded on the road.

His brother, John, though broken, tried to assure other family members that he was in a better place, a place where he was no longer in pain and no longer suffering.