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Child pornography reports up in Manchester, police to chase loitering students home

Published:Friday | March 3, 2017 | 1:36 PM
Pedestrians and motor vehicles navigate a street in Mandeville, Manchester. — File Photo

The Manchester Police say they will be clamping down on Child Pornography in the parish amid an increased in reports of incidents.

The police say the reports involve persons who participate in the act willingly and unwillingly.

Head of the Manchester police Superintendent Wayne Cameron said he has received numerous reports and has seen pornographic recordings of students.

He said some recordings show students in uniforms performing sexual acts inside parks and business places in Manchester.

Cameron, who was speaking at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce Meeting in Christiana last evening said the police will make it a priority to rid the streets of students who loiter in towns after school.

Superintendent Cameron said two men have so far been arrested and charged with breach of the Child Care Prevention Act Manchester.

One of the men, 26-year-old Sekhomi Bennett was charged with producing and distributing Child pornography and engaging a minor in grievous sexual acts.

A second man, 34-year-old Lucan Neil was charged with engaging in sexual relations with a minor, secretly videotaping and circulating it.

Superintendent Cameron said Neil was also charged with production, possession and distribution of child pornography and using a child in the production of pornography.

The two men appeared before the court last week and were remanded.