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Act from a place of love, pastor beseeches

Published:Saturday | March 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Reverend Lamar Wildman

Mandeville, Manchester:

The Bible says that in the last days, the hearts of men will grow cold and people will become lovers of themselves.

But while prophecy has to be fulfilled, the Reverend Lamar Wildman says people must act from a place of love towards all.

"It is human tendency to cover what is important with trivial matters. The apostle Paul says that where there is no love, there is no gain," he said while speaking at an event at the Andrews United Church in Mandeville.

Wildman, during a recent sermon, expressed, "We have a way of hiding love, and many people believe that being a good person is to do good work, but you can do good work and you're not a good person. Many times, people believe that being gifted is to be good. You can be gifted, but you don't have the kind of heart that the apostle Paul speaks about."

The reverend revealed that if at the end of the day we fail to show genuine love, our living would have been in vain.

"You can treat a man well, but you don't love him. And, the apostle Paul says, if at the end of the day, when we assess life and we discover that love is not at the heart of what we do it profiteth nothing.

"It is not about titles and abilities. It is about having the right kind of spirit, where we are sincere and genuine in what we do. Even if you have the gift of prophecy, life all boils down to having love," he added.

He explained that loving, as God commands us, should be our main priority.

"Jesus was asked what was the greatest commandment of all. He responded to the Pharisees and said, 'Loving the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul and with all thy mind and thy strength and loving thy neighbour as thyself."




Wildman noted that it is not always easy to differentiate between the genuine and the fake, but called for individuals to look within themselves and do the right thing.

"It's really hard to determine genuine people from fake people. We really don't see people's hearts. But its about doing things from a pure place. Don't give people things you don't want to have."

He expressed that many have lost their first love, but made a plea that all will one day revisit that place, the place of love.

"Let us return to a place of love; to genuine love that when we tell people that we love them, they won't think to the backstabbing and the backbiting, but love because God has called us to love."