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Jermaine 'David' Morgan : Singing for the Lord

Published:Saturday | March 4, 2017 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis Sr

Boundbrook, Portland:

Deeply rooted in Christianity, Jermaine 'David' Morgan is passionate about singing for Jesus Christ, and at just about every opportunity, he presents his message in song with his melodious voice.

Morgan, who will be the first to tell anyone that the grace of God is sufficient to see us through, is a living testimony of that statement, following a failed marriage that left him devastated and in shambles for the better part of six years. However, it was his faith and belief in Christ which saw him through those tough and challenging years.

"There were days when I thought that I would never make it," commented Morgan.

"I invested a lot in my marriage, as I was the breadwinner. We were both Seventh Day Adventist Christians, but things changed for the worse, and my wife simply just walked out on me. I was shattered mentally and spiritually, but kept on praying day in and day out for the nightmare to end. I was supported by friends and church members, who prayed for me, while offering encouraging words. Today, I am back on my feet again, with no ill feeling against my wife (former) and singing even louder to the grace of God with thanksgiving," he said.

And as a result of his new emergence and resurgence, Morgan has now launched his first album entitled 'Sweet Anointing' with eight tracks. Since releasing the album, the response from church members and others have been positive and, according to Morgan, he is surprised at how fast sales are going in such a short period.

He noted that the songs on the album speak to real-life experience, which affects just about everyone in life's journey. He noted also that the messages in songs can help to guide persons along life's pathway in realising that Jesus Christ is real and willing to relieve them of life's burden.

Continuing, Morgan said, "My journey is not without disappointment, but amid that, is the need for restitution, which can be found or accomplished through Jesus Christ. I have been battered and bruised, however my faith in Jesus Christ saved the day.

"I am preaching my message in song, while seeking to motivate others to know, love, and confide in God Almighty. Life is a journey that comes with good times, bad times, and misery. But with Christ in the vessel you can smile at the storm."