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Almost criminal! JCTU president says tax package unfair to most civil servants

Published:Friday | March 10, 2017 | 5:15 PM
JCTU President, Helene Davis Whyte.

The President of the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU) Helene Davis Whyte has described as 'almost criminal' the burden that will be placed on public sector workers when the new tax measures take effect.

According to Davis Whyte, the tax measures will compound the blow that will be created when civil servants begin to contribute to their pensions.

Speaking on Power Talk on Power 106 FM this afternoon Davis Whyte said the taxes, especially the hikes on fuel and electricity, will further erode the disposable income of workers.

The tax package, which was announced by Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, yesterday in Parliament, is being used to help fund the second tranche of the government’s personal income tax relief.

The new threshold of $1.5 million will take effect on April 1.

The JCTU president said the move is unfair to workers who will not benefit from the relief.


JCTU President, Helene Davis Whyte

Davis Whyte argued that the tax package was not properly thought out and the personal income tax relief is not based on sound economic principles.

She said the measures, especially the tax on group health insurance, will impact the wage claim that the union will submit to the government for the current contract period.


JCTU President, Helene Davis Whyte