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Promises versus circumstances ... what the Prime Minister had to say about unfulfilled commitments

Published:Friday | March 10, 2017 | 4:57 PM

More than half of the $27-billion revenue package announced yesterday will replace the money the government is giving up in order to implement the $1.5m tax break plan.

The matter has raised the issue of credibility, since, while in opposition, the Jamaica Labour Party had said there would be no new taxes.

It had also decried the decision of the People’s National Party to withdraw money from the National Housing Trust for budget support.

However, yesterday, the Finance Minister confirmed that the Government will be taking more than $11 billion from the NHT.

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The matter of credibility was among the issues raised with Prime Minister Holness last month in an interview with The Gleaner’s Arthur Hall.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness

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