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PNP questions gov't's plans to purchase 300 used cars for police use

Published:Saturday | March 11, 2017 | 1:14 PM
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The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) is raising questions about the government’s planned acquisition of some 300 used cars for the police.

Shortly after taking office last year, National Security Minister Robert Montague announced that the government would spend hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire the vehicles.

However, Opposition spokesman on national security Peter Bunting is claiming that 80 per cent or about $426 million out of the $518 million spent since the last financial year to acquire the pre-owned vehicles have gone to one supplier.

That supplier, according to Bunting, is Obrien’s International Car Sales and Rental.

He wants Montague to disclose the names of the directors and shareholders of the company and outline the process used since the start of the last financial year to procure the vehicles.

Bunting also wants to know whether the government conducted its due diligence to determine the company’s capacity and or suitability to supply such a large order.

He wants Montague to disclose details of the financial arrangements between the government and the company, including whether an advance payment was made to the entity.

The questions were tabled in Parliament and Montague is expected to respond in 21 days.