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Aiming for ‘A’ - Student who fell ill during last year’s GSAT ready to ace second chance

Published:Sunday | March 12, 2017 | 12:00 AMJason Cross
Ricque Fullerton (left) gets a hug from his mother, Racquel Fullerton, after receiving word that he would be allowed to resit GSAT.

After falling ill during last year's sitting of the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), Ricque Fullerton is preparing to face the exam once more, and his mother, Racquel Fullerton, is confident that he will excel.

Young Ricque suffered a severe bout of diarrhoea during the sitting of GSAT last year and was unable to finish the test.

Racquel had appealed to the Ministry of Education to allow her son to resit the test, and after a review of the case he was granted the opportunity to do the GSAT but at a different school, as requested by his mother.

"I'm overwhelmed, I'm excited, I'm blessed, and I'm really grateful. I'm thankful for this because I get so much discouragement from people around me, to let it go and to send him (to an all-age school).

"I'm pleased. Now, I can sleep. I know that (for) him also, it's a relief," Racquel told The Gleaner as she examined a letter from the ministry, which was to be taken to her son's new school.

Now she says Ricque is doing well and she is confident, particularly after seeing the good mock exam results her son has been getting at his new school, Mico Practising Primary and Junior High.

According to Racquel, the other big part of Ricque's progress is the overall improvement in his attitude towards learning.

"His confidence is now at a comfortable level, despite the embarrassment he was made to feel last year," said Racquel.

"Him do two mock exam last week and mi a hope dem mark di paper so him can get the result, but him do one in January and his average was 78.

"His teacher said he is not worried. He knows he is going to do well because he is a good student. When mi talk to the teacher, (him) tell mi seh is some simple mistake him mek. When him give dem tests, him actually give them the same test in class afterwards and Ricque do better (exceeding 80 per cent)," added Racquel.

The confident mother is thankful to The Gleaner for highlighting her story last year, and to the education ministry for giving her soon a real chance.

"I am so happy what I did. It is worth it because I see massive improvement. I am so proud of him. A morning time he is so excited (about) going to school. Even sports, dem want him fi run at champs. He did well last week at sports day and came first. He even tied with the champion boy at the school, so mi need fi go talk to the coach because training suppose to start already. Him doing well although mi wish dem did do it (Champs) after GSAT.

"My supervisor (already) give me the two days off enuh, the Thursday and the Friday, because she seh you affi support your boy," said Racquel.