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Portland residents look out for the safety of students

Published:Wednesday | March 15, 2017 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis


Almost a week and a half after a female student was hit by a car along Allan Avenue in Port Antonio, Portland, a pedestrian crossing has been painted by two residents, in an effort to protect students crossing the roadway.

Ian Carr and Christopher Richards, having learned about the life threatening ordeal of the student, who was hit from behind while crossing the street, took it up on themselves to see how best they could go about putting in place a pedestrian crossing along that busy thoroughfare in the vicinity of Port Antonio Primary School.

"Children are our future, and therefore we have God given duty to ensure their safety. I sell soup in this area, and hundreds of students use this main thoroughfare to get to school. Some years ago, two sets of stop lights were erected following a nasty accident involving students, who were hit by a truck. A set of the lights are now malfunctioning, while the other is out of commission. It is a busy roadway, and students have to cross to get to the other side. We saw the need for this pedestrian crossing, which if used correctly, could save lives," Carr told Rural Xpress.


Nominated and inspired


Richards said funding to erect the pedestrian crossing was provided by Beep Beep Security Company, in Port Antonio.

"I was really motivated and inspired to do this project, having learned of the accident. Students will now be able to get across from one side of the roadway to the other with utmost ease, once they are acknowledged by the driver of the approaching motor vehicle. No longer will they have to wait a long time to get across the roadway, which sometimes result in them running across the roadway in an attempt to beat (race) traffic," he added.