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Sin and salvation - Have you fallen far from Redeeming Grace?

Published:Saturday | March 18, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

There's a young Christian woman who got pregnant out of wedlock, wondering if God has turned his back on her.

Then there's a young man who was a part of the church, but had a run-in with the law and is now a social outcast, wondering if God will ostracise him as those around him have.

These stories are certainly not unheard of and many people grapple daily with rejection and neglect by friends and family who think a particular situation could have been handled better.




But is this how God thinks of His children when they sin? Is there an unpardonable sin or is His grace truly sufficient for all?

Family & Religion caught up with Seventh day Adventist pastor Charles Blythe who sought to offer some enlightenment on the matter.

"In His dealings with men, there is no sin that is outside of the scope of God's merciful love and forgiveness. There are some theologians who tend to categorise sins on the basis of whether they were accidental or incidental actions or presumptuous. Others argue from the standpoint of awareness or knowledge or one's access to some privileged understanding of particular sins. However, God treats with sin is slightly different."

He continued, "While it is true that He holds us accountable for the knowledge or opportunities we have or the privileged positions we hold, this same God constantly and consistently offers forgiveness to all who come to Him in penitence seeking His forgiveness."

But are some sins greater than others?

"Yes, if I am looking at it in terms of exposure or knowledge or even responsibilities and positions. Others may also say yes, if we look at it in the light of its impact or consequences. But if we look at it in the light of the one who alone has infinite wisdom and the power to forgive, then sin is just simply plain old, dirty sin regardless of how it appears to human beings; and every sin is treated the same way God treats all other sins."

Many speak of incidents involving persons who have committed suicide and claim this to be an unpardonable sin. But is it?

Next week, we will find out more.