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Phillips says Jamaicans should resist proposed tax package

Published:Monday | March 20, 2017 | 12:43 PM
Opposition Spokesman on Finance Dr Peter Phillips speaks during the Budget Debate in Parliament last week.

Opposition Spokesman on Finance Dr Peter Phillips has continued his crusade against the Government's $716 billion-budget and tax package, calling for the country to resist the proposals.

However, he said Jamaicans should decide what action to take to show their stance.

He noted that sector leaders have already called for a rollback of some of the measures to yield $13.5 billion in new and increased taxes.

Phillips' appeal comes ahead of this week's expected vote by the Parliament on the 2017/2017 Budget.

Speaking this morning at a press conference called by the Opposition People's National Party, Phillips declared that the Government was taking money out of the pockets of Jamaicans, causing unnecessary shock to the country.


Opposition spokesman on finance, Dr. Peter Phillips

Phillips insisted the Budget does little for education, justice, healthcare and security.

Regarding security, he said the limited capital spending comes amid what he called a runaway murder rate.

He also said claims by the government that changes to the property tax regime would not be painful should be rejected.

Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, has announced a revised system that is expected to yield approximately $4 billion.

However, Phillips said there was little consultation on the new valuation system and read out reports stating that a farmer's property value had moved from over $200,000 to over $700,000.