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GraceKennedy says consumers can return corned beef for full refund

Published:Tuesday | March 21, 2017 | 12:46 PM

GraceKennedy Limited, one of Jamaica’s largest distributors of corned beef says it has started the process to remove the product from the shelves of retailers.

It follows an immediate ban on imports of corned beef from Brazil after revelation that at least one of the companies supplying the product to Jamaica is involved in the sale of rotted beef and poultry in the South American country.

In the meantime, Andrea Coy, the head of domestic foods at GraceKennedy says consumers with the product could return them to retailers for a full refund.

Coy also says GraceKennedy is co-operating with the Commerce Ministry as it committed to ensuring the safety of the products it distributes.

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However, GraceKennedy says its overseas companies have advised that shipments of corned beef from Brazil will continue into Canada and the USA with no regulatory changes at this time.

"Those countries will continue to implement sampling at their borders, as they have been doing since 2010," said a GraceKennedy spokesperson in a statement.

As a result of the issue, a team from Grace Foods has planned an urgent trip to Brazil to meet with its suppliers and do further investigations around the concerns raised.

Last night LASCO Distributors said it too would abide by the temporary ban on the importation and sale of corned beef from Brazil.

LASCO also said the company will halt the sales of all LASCO Corned Beef products and will remove all its corned beef from shelves and conduct its own investigations.