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Opposition to hold public consultations on possible protest of tax measures

Published:Thursday | March 23, 2017 | 10:22 AM
Phillips — File Photo

Opposition spokesman on finance Dr Peter Phillips says the Opposition will be holding consultations with Jamaicans in the next few weeks to see what actions they want to take to protest the new tax measures.

The disclosure was made to members of the media following the opposition’s walk out of Parliament yesterday afternoon, ahead of a vote on the Budget.

The opposition has blasted the government for the over $13 billion tax package.

Speaking with the media after the walk out Phillips said the opposition could not have in good conscience voted for the Budget.

However, he said the opposition felt that it could not vote against the Budget either because such a vote would have severe implications for the country.


Opposition spokesman on finance, Dr Peter Phillips

Phillips has in recent days called for Jamaicans to resist the new taxes being imposed by the Government.

Yesterday he said hoteliers, transport operators, tax drivers, elements in the private sector and pensioners have spoken about the grievous effect the Budget would have on each group.

He said the Opposition will be seeking to find out within the next few weeks what actions Jamaicans want to take to register their disapproval.


Opposition spokesman on finance, Dr Peter Phillips

Meanwhile, financial analyst Ralston Hyman, says he understands why the parliamentary opposition had to resort to a walkout of Parliament yesterday.

He says a ‘no’ vote on the budget by the Opposition would have brought the economy to a stop.

Meanwhile, Hyman is suggesting that the Government reconsider the items on which it places consumption tax as it moves from direct to indirect taxation.

He says the Government should be targeting items used by the rich for higher rates of taxation.