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Don't be deceived by the devil, says pastor

Published:Saturday | March 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The Devil was so envious of God and the power He possessed that it brought about contention, which resulted in him being kicked out of heaven. He has since been roaming the earth, seeking whom he might devour. But according to Pastor Latoya Smythe-Forbes, the strength of God is sufficient to keep His people if we obey Him.

"We get ourselves in trouble when we fail to do what God has ordained us to do. God has an enemy, and this enemy wants to overthrow God."

Even with this knowledge, some people are yet to truly embrace their God-given purpose to advance His message.

"God has blessed some of us with jobs, (and) placed us in opportunities to minister, but instead of being God's witness, we go to the job with our bad hearts."

Undoubtedly, there is a miniature Lucifer in all of us, however, through submission to Christ, the powers of the devil will have no hold, she said.

"He's down here full of wrath because he knows he has a short time. There is a fire prepared for him. The fire is not for us. it's for the devil because he knows he has a short time. his plan is to get as many of us to join him in the fire. The Devil is a liar and he is using the trick from day one."

Smythe-Forbes, while delivering a ceremony at a two-week evangelistic series at the Campbell's Castle SDA church, explained that the devil deceives by allowing people to think that they are no longer worthy.

"He will tell you that you are too messed up and that God doesn't want you and that He has given up on you, but the devil is a liar! This devil wants to kill you, but I'm so glad that Jesus has come that we may have life and have it more abundantly. We serve a mighty God who is willing to save us and give us a new life."

She added, "Whatever the Devil does is at a cost. he thrills you then he kills you. Everything he gives you, you have to pay for it. But you see the gifts of God. they are free free love, joy, peace, protection."

God continuously admonishes His people not to be deceived as His second return approaches, says Smythe-Forbes.

"One of the biggest deceptions of Satan is worship. There are individuals who are going to church worshipping, and they think they are worshipping God, but the they are worshipping an imitation, false worship."

Smythe-Forbes reminded the congregation that miracles were not a sign from God that they were in the right place because the devil can perform miracles as well.

"You've got to look for a church where the people fear God enough to keep His laws; where the Word of God is exalted because if it's not in the word, you can't believe it. God has an awesome future for you, and it's bigger than what you have planned for yourself, but he wants you to walk in His ways. He wants your whole heart," she ended.

- T.B.