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Gov't to subsidise three more CSEC subjects for state wards and students on PATH

Published:Monday | March 27, 2017 | 12:37 PM

Wards of the State and students on the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH) will now be able to sit three additional Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects free of cost.

Education Minister, Ruel Reid, made the announcement in the Senate on Friday as he contributed to the Budget Debate.

The move would bring to eight, the total number of free CSEC subjects for these students.

Reid did not indicate the subjects that will be covered or the cost to the government.

However, he did say that the new arrangement will be implemented in the next school year.


Education Minister, Ruel Reid

In defending the PATH programme, the education minister indicated that the Government has increased allocations to beneficiaries and that the number of days for free lunches for PATH students has been increased from three days to five.

Reid also announced that the Education Ministry plans to make funding available to schools without a chef on its staff establishment.

He noted that parents have complained that they were being asked to contribute to the cost to prepare the lunches as some schools had to find extra money to pay cooking staff.

The education minister again reminded schools not to turn away students on PATH who cannot pay fees.

Reid indicated that 50 per cent of students are on the PATH programme.